First Yahoo Draft in the Books

If you are still learning the fantasy stuff – I’m sure you would like some info into how some of the early drafts have went and I would like to give you the info…not to mention I did something I don’t normally do with my first pick – I went against my rankings!  There were reasons for it – and here is what goes on with Yahoo – Standard leagues in most sites have these roster spots: C/C/1b/2b/3b/ss/CI/MI/5of/U/9P.  Yahoo it looks more like this: C/1b/2b/3b/ss/3of/U/2SP/2RP/3P.  Much fewer spots than normal, not to mention there are fewer OF spots to fill and that lead to me doing something different.  I received the 6th pick (it is done randomly), and that spot is the worst one in my opinion.  There are 5 players that I see as a cut above everyone: Pujols/HanRam/Reyes/Wright/ARod…and all were gone when I pick sixth.  According to my rankings, Ryan Braun would be next, and there is no doubt that he is good…but Yahoo gave Miguel Cabrera dual position eligibility: 1B & 3B…yea I am starting to sound like a Magic the Gathering fan (which I am not!), so I am sorry for the geeky language.  I chose MCab because of this and only needing to fill 3 OF positions (which bit me in the butt as you will read).

Here are my picks: 1 MCab, 2 Chase Utley, 3 Matt Kemp, 4 Alexis Rios, 5 Dan Haren, 6 Adrian Gonzalez, 7 Joey Votto, 8 Derek Jeter, 9 Johnny Damon, 10 Zack Greinke, 11 Ted Lilly, 12 Trevor Hoffman, 13 Pablo Sandoval, 14 Chad Qualls, 15 Jorge Cantu, 16 Mike Napoli, 17 Jayson Werth, 18 Kevin Slowey, 19 Gil Meche, 20 Wandy Rodriguez, 21 Jose Arredondo.

This is the way my roster looks:

C – Pablo Sandoval/Mike Napoli
1B – Miguel Cabrera/Adrian Gonzalez/Joey Votto/Jorge Cantu/Pablo Sandoval
2B – Chase Utley
3B – Miguel Cabrera/Jorge Cantu/Pablo Sandoval
SS – Derek Jeter
OF – Matt Kemp/Alexis Rios/Johnny Damon/Jayson Werth
SP – Dan Haren/Zack Greinke/Ted Lilly/Kevin Slowey/Gil Meche/Wandy Rodriguez
RP – Trevor Hoffman/Chad Qualls/Jose Arredondo

Here is how I feel about this team:  My OF power is weaker than normal (a lot of decent HR/good SB guys).  I am extremely overdone at 1B.  I have three guys who could start on just about any fantasy team.  I like my SP, I asked a buddy and he thought it was weak but we looked at previous stats from these guys and they are proven grabbers of the cats that matter most for pitchers:  K’s, ERA, & WHIP.  I got crushed right before pick 15 because I had two RP in mind and both Matt Lindstrom & Frank Francisco were grabbed before I could go again.  But that is okay, I am always weak at RP when the season starts…and by the way, I am quite possibly going to get weaker at the position! 🙂 

After the draft, i posted that I wanted an OF who could bring in the power numbers I desire, I told them all my 1B were on the market (You should be like the Billy Beane of fantasy baseball, every player is a set of stats, who cares who they are!).  I got an offer shortly thereafter that was giving me Jason Bay & Jon Lester for Adrian Gonzalez & Jose Arredondo.  Let me say this: I am not a fan of the Red Sox, and could care less how they do (not to be offensive, just being realistic), but when a guy says he’ll give you a hitter better than the hitter you are giving up (Look at what Bay will do in a full season in Boston!), and he offers you an upper tiered starting pitcher for a reliever who is not a closer you take it in a heartbeat!  If this trade goes through (there is a period where the other owners can reject it) than i would have Votto at first, MCab at third, and all four OF playing (with the fourth at the Util position).  This trade completely solidifies my SP to a point that I am in love with them.  I will show you my projections for this team on the next post…very satisfied I am (woah, a magic the gathering and Yoda quote in the same post – and I like neither – I think I am in some sort of dork purgatory or eighth layer of hell).


  1. crystalbaseball

    Julia – So sorry…I know you love your club, and you should. But like I do not care how anyone other than the Cubs perform (In the actual game of baseball, not talking fantasy), I expect any fan of another team to not give a poo about the Cubs either :). Either way, no hating from me!

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